Flat Drain Set®

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Product Name:Flat Drain Set®
Generic Code:Jackson-Pratt Drainage System
Product Category:Surgery
Flat Drain Set® (GS-5047)
  • Jackson-Pratt Drainage System.
  • Latex free, manufactured from 100% silicone for superior bio-compatibility.
  • Smooth, inert material greatly enhances the patient's comfort.
  • Soft yet kink-resistant structure to minimize obstruction.


  • In-built non-return valve prevents reflex of fluid.
  • Bellow provided with a convenient clip for secure hanging.


  • Enables easy placement and prevents accidental sliding out.
  • Radio opaque flat drain facilitates accurate placement.
  • 100% silicone flat drain with satin smooth perforations facilitate efficient drainage and has a 60cm connecting tube for attachment to the bellow unit