Grounding Pad™

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Product Name:Grounding Pad™
Generic Code:Electro-Surgical Pad
Product Category:Surgery
Grounding Pad™ (GS-6040)
  • Electro-Surgical Pad.
  • Intended to safely return the electrical current from the patient back to the generator through a cable for completing the circuit during surgery.
  • Adhere to the patient's skin away from surgical site.
  • Necessary for monopolar electro surgery function.
  • Consists of metal plate along with a adhesive base for sticking on the patient's skin.
  • Pad should be placed so that the entire surface is in uniform contact with the pad site.
  • Place the pad as close to the surgical site as possible.
  • Box of 50/ Master Box of 200.

Grounding Pad™ Without Wire GS-6044

  • Electrosurgical pad without wire.
  • All other features are as that of Grounding Pad.