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Product Name:Mistair®
Generic Code:Surgical Mist Blower
Product Category:Cardiac Care
Mistair® (GS-6022)
  • Mist Blower.
  • Surgical blower humidifier intended for use during cardiac and other fine surgeries.
  • Specially designed for improving the visibility at anastomotic or other fine surgical sites.
  • It creates a consistent and predictable blood clearing mist.
  • An irrigation mist gently clears blood from the site, improving visualization without drying or desiccating delicate tissue.
  • Design of the device is such that it enables easy maneuverability and convenient handling.
  • Consists of an extra soft tip, preceded by a shaft and a soft textured, ergonomic handle followed by a flexible connector provided with a dual lumen tubing that entails passage of normal saline at gentle air pressure.
  • Combination of fluid and gentle air forms a fine humidifier spray, enabling easy visibility at the anastomosis sites.
  • Sterile, individually packed in a box.