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Product Name:Neocare®
Generic Code:Paediatric Intravenous Cannula
Product Category:Transfusion
Neocare® (GS-3211)
  • Premium Paediatric Intravenous Cannula.
  • Fine and smooth design for use in infants to deal with specific problems associated with small and soft vein cannulation.
  • Provided with wing cover that assists during the insertion of cannula.
  • Enhanced design, enables better grip and manoeuvrability during penetration.
  • Suitable for subjects with capillary brittleness, where a non-traumatic and delicate needle is a requirement.
  • Ergonomically shaped clip for better grip and control.
  • Small flexible wings and absence of injection port permits easy handling, maneuvering and secure fixation.
  • Transparent flashback chamber for blood visualization.
  • Sterile, peel open blister pack, with tyvek Lid.