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Product Name:Oxy Lock®
Generic Code:Venturi Mask
Product Category:Anesthesia
Oxy Lock® (SH-2038)
  • Venturi Mask.
  • Variable venturi system to ensure accurate or predicted concentration of oxygen with single unit.
  • Often used for critically ill patients who require administration of a specific concentration of oxygen.
  • Transparent air entrainment mask with soft anatomical form with easily adjustable elastic strap.
  • Specially designed connector has entrainment ports that are adjustable to allow regulation of the concentration of oxygen administered.
  • Wide, adjustable strap for proper positioning of mask on the nasal area.
  • Provided with rotating type connector for patient's comfort.
  • Unique spring loaded mechanism locks prescribed concentration in place ensuring safety and correct oxygen concentrations.
  • 2 meter multichannel tube provided, ensures continuous flow of oxygen.
  • Individually packed