Romo Seal® Pro

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Product Name:Romo Seal® Pro
Generic Code:Under Water Seal Bottle with Valve
Product Category:Cardiac Care
Romo Seal® Pro (GS-5020P)
  • Advanced Under Water Seal Bottle with Valve.
  • Design patented, excess negative pressure control mechanism and positive pressure control valve, under water seal drainage system.
  • Safeguards against damage to patient's vital organs.
  • Equipped with a "pressure control valve" to ensure controlled, safe drainage.
  • The valve limits the maximum negative pressure to -50cm H2O and releases the excess pressure if applied erroneously.
  • The mechanism also controls the positive pressure if generated into the system anytime.
  • Easy to read graduations on the bottle help note the drainage volume.
  • Clearly marked initial level ensures effective under water seal.
  • Write on facility on the side helps to monitor the drainage volume precisely.
  • Suction port is provided for connection with suction unit.
  • Metallic hanger for easy attachment to patient's bedside.
  • Sterile