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Product Name:Safsite®
Generic Code:Stand Alone Needle Free Port
Product Category:Transfusion
Safsite® (GS-3018)
  • Stand Alone Needle Free Port.
  • Needle free I.V Connector with split septum technology.
  • Luer lock for secure tment on one end and needle free port on the other.
  • Needle free port prevents thrombotic occlusion and inhibits microbial colonization.
  • Stand alone needle free port creates a closed system which controls the infection rate.
  • Sterile, blister pack.
  • Box of 50/ Master Box of 1000.

Spikier ® Vented GS-3046 V

  • Vented spike with swabable needle free adaptor.
  • Consists of a sharp piercing plastic spike with an air vent port containing a micro hydrophobic lter.
  • Further attached to a needle free connector containing a swabable surface.
  • Needle free connector is compatible to a luer lock male tting of an extension line or a 3-way stop cock or a luer lock syringe.
  • Facilitates attachement to an I.V. uid infusion bottle or to an infusion container and can be used for repetitive sampling of the intravenous uid without risk of any cross-contamination.
  • Sterile, Individually packed.