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Product Name:Sorenil™
Generic Code:Bed Sore Prevention Kit
Product Category:Patient Care
Sorenil™ (GS-9003)
  • Bed Sore Prevention Kit.
  • Advance features include alternate inflation and deflation of cells which constantly change pressure points.
  • LED on/off switch and rotary dial for pressure setting.
  • Fixed hook and air filter are provided on the bottom of the pump.
  • Alternating pressure helps in proper flow of blood and prevents reoccurrence of sores.
  • Mattress can be fixed on bed by extra flaps on both, top and bottom side.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 x 90 x 7.
  • Provides comfort and relief to the skin in bed-ridden patients.
  • Individually packed kit consists of mattress and pump.