Trimmer™ Plus

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Product Name:Trimmer™ Plus
Generic Code:Disposable Prep Razor
Product Category:Patient Care
Trimmer™ Plus (GS-9024)
  • Disposable Prep Razor.
  • Stainless steel razor with platinum edge blade and teflon coating shaves close without nicks or irritation.
  • Provides high standard of safety and hygiene for pre-operational procedures.
  • Safety cap ensures safety to the handler pre and post procedure.
  • Comb located close to the blade, is specially designed to lift the soft hair.
  • Ribbed handle ensures a steady and efficient grip on the razor.
  • Smoothly follows the natural contours of the body.
  • No need for more than one razor per procedure.
  • Sterile; individually packed minimizes the risk of infections.