Uro Flow™

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Product Name:Uro Flow™
Generic Code:Urine Bag with Urovison Drip Chamber
Product Category:Urology Care
Uro Flow™ (DB-1053)
  • Specialised Urine Collecting Bag.
  • Provided with patented "Urovision chamber".
  • It breaks the urine column and prevents upward migration of micro organisms.
  • It also has a diaphragm valve to eliminate urine backflow to prevent infection.
  • Clear and transparent chamber facilitates visualization and monitoring of urine flow and detection of urine colour, presence of blood/ pus etc.
  • The bag has a "closed urine drainage system" that separates the bag from the catheter, eliminating the risk of catheter associated UTIs.
  • Universal connector has a mid-stream sampling port, which enables urine sampling without disconnecting urine bag, thus maintaining a closed system.
  • Provided with a built-in patented foldable hanger which holds the urovision chamber in upright position and facilitates convenient bedside hanging.
  • Specialised "T" type bottom outlet facilitates quick emptying of the urine bag.
  • After closure, the "T" tap can be safely tucked into the allocated side pocket which prevents unnecessary contamination during handling.