Vaccu Suck® Suction Set

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Product Name:Vaccu Suck® Suction Set
Generic Code:Yankaur Suction Set
Product Category:Surgery
Vaccu Suck® Suction Set (GS-5016 S/C)
  • Moulded Yankaur Suction Handle Set.
  • Used for removal of secretions and blood operatively by providing unobstructed suction during prolonged use.
  • Soft flexible adaptors at both ends of the tube provide safe grip to the handle as well as suction source.
  • Suitable for use with or without vent control facility.
  • Vent port is closed with tight fit sleeve, which can be removed by small incision to shift to vent control system.
  • Sterile, individually packed in a peelable ribbon pack.
  • Available in two versions : Handle with Standard Tip and Crown Tip.

Sump Suction Set GS-5008

  • Specially designed pool suction handle is a versatile three position instrument that quickly converts from gentle sump action to precision suction.