Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up

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Product Name:Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up
Generic Code:Collapsible tube breathing system
Product Category:Anesthesia
Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up (SH-2301/2302/2303)
  • Collapsible tube breathing system for mechanical ventilation that provides easy storage and handling.
  • Light weight system with lower resistance to flow.
  • Adjustable length with reduced compressible volume.
  • Standard connectors for secure fitment.
  • Patient elbow connection with luer port.

Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up with Rebreathing Bag SH-2304/2305/2306/2307/2308

  • Collapsible tube breathing system.
  • Provided with antistatic rebreathing bag and extra limb.

Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up with HME Filter SH-2305

  • Provided with HME bacterial/ viral filter.

Ventilator Circuit Tip-Up with Double Water Trap SH-2309

  • Provided with Double Water Trap and extra Limb.
  • Offers excellent drainage to max. moisture collection.