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Product Name:Chest Drainage Catheter
Generic Code:Drainage Catheters
Product Category:Surgery
Chest Drainage Catheter (GS-5010/5011)
  • Medium soft thoracic drainage catheter, suitable for intercoastal drainage post cardio-thoracic surgery.
  • Distal end is open with super smooth large eyes to maximize the drainage from the chest.
  • Provided with dark green line for x-ray detection.
  • Packed with matching size loose connector which facilitates easy connection to drainage system.
  • Catheter is marked at every 2 cm to ascertain placement.
  • Sterile ; Box of 20/ Master box of 200.

Chest Drainage Catheter Right Angled GS-5011

  • Specially designed right angled catheter for thoracic drainage from the deeper sites of the pleural cavity.
  • All other features are as that of Chest Drainage Catheter

Flexo Cath ® Straight GS-5034

  • Thoracic drainage catheter, manufactured with extra soft DEHP free material that is gentle to the body tissue.
  • Proximal end fitted with specially designed tapered tongue which provides excellent forceps grip and facilitates atraumatic insertion.
  • Catheter is marked at every 2 cm from the last eye to ascertain the depth of placement in the pleural cavity.
  • Sterile, double packed in peelable pouch pack.