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Product Name:Dignity®
Generic Code:Adult Diapers
Product Category:Miscellaneous
Dignity® (GS-8405)
  • Adult Diapers for all day protection from incontinence in both men/ women.
  • Provides advanced leakage protection with the combination of double layered super absorbent core, tissue and ADL which forms a total absorbency system that significantly reduces the chances of leakage.
  • Double layered super absorbent core design consists of two layers of super absorbent pads, which provide excellent urine retention.
  • Extra locking layer has specially designed blue colour distribution strip which separates wet diaper from the skin and provides a sense of dryness to user.
  • Leg cuffs and elastic provides a snug fit and ensures protection from leakage.
  • Side tapes with landing guides having refastenable property and facilitates repeated adjustments for proper positioning and comfortable fit.
  • Provided with a wetness indicator which fades its colour when the diaper gets wet and indicates a change.