Endotracheal Tube Plain

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Product Name:Endotracheal Tube Plain
Generic Code:E.T. Tube
Product Category:Anesthesia
Endotracheal Tube Plain (GS-2002)
  • Manufactured from thermo-sensitive material readily conforming to body contours at body temperature.
  • Kink resistant and transparent material to reduce any possibility of occlusion in the tube bore.
  • Naso-oral tip suitable for nasal/ oral intubation.
  • Murphy eye with smooth edges and tip to reduce any trauma to the patient during procedure.
  • Provided with radio-opaque line throughout the length for X-ray detection and assistance in placement.
  • Proximal end is fitted with standard 15 mm connector which snugly fits with other commonly used connectors.
  • Sterile individually packed in peelable blister pack.