Flexi Mask®

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Product Name:Flexi Mask®
Generic Code:Oxygen Mask
Product Category:Anesthesia
Flexi Mask® (GS-2020)
  • Designed for convenient oxygen therapy to the patients.
  • Moulded face mask manufactured from non-toxic and non-irritant medical grade PVC material.
  • Soft mask designed in such a way that it fits comfortably over patient's face.
  • Provided with adjustable elastic strap for proper positioning of mask on the nasal area.
  • 210 cm multichannel, kink-resistant tube is provided to ensure continuous flow of oxygen.
  • Swivel connector for easy attachment to oxygen tube.
  • Proximal end fitted with soft funnel shape connector for easy connection to oxygen source.
  • Non-sterile, packed in polybag.
  • Individually packed