Steriflo Plus™

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Product Name:Steriflo Plus™
Generic Code:Infusion Set
Product Category:Transfusion
Steriflo Plus™ (SS-3308)
  • Premium infusion set manufactured from safe material to be used in all kinds of patients without any associated complications.
  • Sharp spike is provided for better penetration in all types of fluid containers.
  • Vented set with microbial barrier air vent filter.
  • Large drip chamber ensures better grip.
  • 15µm disc type fluid filter to prevent entry of any particulate matter.
  • Equipped with specially designed "Y" injection port made up of isoprene, having re-sealing property for additional medication.
  • Smooth kink resistant tube with efficient roller controller for unrestricted flow.
  • New advanced rotating luer lock at distal end.
  • Provided with an innovative prime stop, with hydrophobic membrane placed on the luer lock fitting that stops fluid dripping on the floor.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually blister packed.