Suction Catheter® Plain

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Product Name:Suction Catheter® Plain
Generic Code:Endo Bronchial Suction Catheter
Product Category:Anesthesia
Suction Catheter® Plain (GS-2006)
  • Oro-bronchial catheter to remove respiratory secretions from a patient's airway to keep it clear.
  • Suitable for removal of secretions from mouth, trachea and bronchial tubes.
  • Provided with universal funnel shaped connector.
  • Atraumatic, soft-rounded distal end is open with one lateral eye to avoid trauma during suctioning.
  • Frozen surface catheter tubing for smooth intubation.
  • Also, available in size : 5 FG.
  • Sterile

Suction Catheter ® TC GS-2030

  • Thumb Control Suction Catheter provided with "T" type vacuum control valve for proper manoeuvring.

Suction Catheter® FT GS-2022

  • Finger tip control suction catheter provided with "Y" shape vacuum control valve.
  • Effective length is 47 cm.

Suction Catheter® TS with Stopper GS-2030 TS

  • Suction catheter with thumb control valve with stopper.
  • Distal open tip with two lateral eyes.