Suction Connecting Tube™

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Product Name:Suction Connecting Tube™
Generic Code:Suction connecting tube
Product Category:Surgery
Suction Connecting Tube™ (GS-5017)
  • Suction connecting tube with Molded Connectors.
  • Flexible connectors ensure easy and secure connection.
  • Sterile, Individually packed.
  • Box of 10/ Master Box of 100.

Suction Connecting Tube™ Integral Funnel Ends GS-5019

  • Suction connecting tube with Integral Funnel ends.
  • Easy connection to suction cannisters on one end, and Yankaur suction handle/ tip at the other end.
  • The integral funnel connectors can be modified by cutting with scissors for extension, if required.
  • Sterile, Individually packed.
  • Box of 10/Master Box of 100.
  • Non-Sterile rolls available with bubble at each 100 cm.