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Product Name:Triflon®
Generic Code:Intra Venous Cannula with 3 Way Stopper
Product Category:Transfusion
Triflon® (GS-3006)
  • I.V cannula with integrated 3-way stop cock facilitates simultaneous infusion of fluids or additional medication.
  • 3-way stop cock handle ensures smooth movement and facilitates easy line selection.
  • Facilitates multiple lines through single IV access.
  • Rigid and sturdy design with flexible wings for convenient maneuvering.
  • 3 radio-opaque stripes on cannula for X-Ray visualisation.
  • Size color coded 3-way handle indicates direction of flow.
  • Sterile, individually packed in peel open blister pack.

Vennula ® GS-3033

  • I.V Cannula without injection port and without wings.
  • Kink resistant FEP-Teflon cannula has extremely smooth inner/ outer surface ensures minimum trauma and smooth flow.
  • Super sharp triple facette beveled needle is specially designed with two cutting edges for smooth penetration.
  • Transparent flashback chamber allows immediate detection of blood.
  • Sterile